It is a SUPER SIMPLE HAIRSTYLES that you will do only on one side of your face, you can use for the newspaper especially in those days that you do not know what to do with your hair.

  • First you should split your hair to the side, but using a diagonal line, to the crown section.
  • Start by weaving a French braid, but this time you will feed the ends with hair from the upper area only, adding strands to the center of the braid.
  • When you reach the end of the line continue weaving the braid, but without adding more hair.

You let go of your hair and voila, you have a beautiful ornament on your hair that may be a little hidden, but that everyone will notice.


This is an easy hairstyle in which you will only braid the top of the head, if you have bangs you will look even better, the important thing to achieve the effect of thinning on the face is that there is hair covering the ears, for the half ponytail leave hair on top of them.

  • Take the upper section of the hair and roll it in a bun, all the hair that you are not going to use, tie it with a ponytail.
  • Then release the hair from the top and divide it with a middle parting.
  • On the side you prefer, start knitting a common French braid, feeding with hair from the top.
  • When you have woven half of the hair, secure it with a garter and repeat the procedure on the other side.
  • Finally, join the two braids with a garter and cover it with your own hair, then remove all the braids from the braids.

It is a completely different and casual semi collected that you can use for any occasion,

in addition it does not take you any time to do it because its elaboration is very easy,

if you have bangs it emphasizes the thin form on your face better,

what you need for this hairstyle are A few liguitas and your fingers in action.

Even so, we leave you prepared many images of hair for round face as varied,

as beautiful and a couple more video with tricks and tips to further enhance even if it fits, your style and look!

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