There are many shades of red: from light, almost pink, to maroon. To determine the appropriate tone, you need to take into account the features of your appearance. RED LIPSTICK CHOOSE A LIPSTICK

Choose a shade

Sit by a large mirror in natural light and carefully study the color features of your appearance.

Find out your color type

There are 4 main color types: summer, autumn, spring and winter.

The “Summer” color type has the following features:

  • the skin is light, porcelain, pinkish;
  • hair is most often medium brown ashy; there are also light or dark brown;
  • eyes are blue, hazel, greenish, light brown.

“Spring” is suitable for light red shades with a golden undertone: light coral, apricot, salmon.


Pretty bright pink and red lipsticks come up to him. If your hair is ashen, you should choose a beauty product with only a cold blue tint.

The color type Autumn is characterized by:

  • the skin is light golden with a lot of freckles;
  • hair: golden blond or light red;
  • eyes are blue, green, light brown.

“Autumn” is suitable for such shades of lipstick that are combined with the color of the hair: warm red, coral, red, copper, red-brown.

For “Winter” is characterized by the following appearance:

  • the skin is light or dark olive;
  • hair from light brown to blue-black;
  • eyes are most often dark brown.

Blondes are suitable for all light shades of red. If the hair tone is cold, platinum, choose a lipstick with a cold undertone: pink, fuchsia, berry. If there is a golden sheen, opt for coral makeup.


Brunettes are all dark and bright lipsticks: wine, scarlet, burgundy.

Redhead is better to choose a makeup in golden tones, in harmony with the color of the hair. It can be red with a golden sheen and reddish brown.

Contrast between eyes, skin and hair

The difference in color between the eyes, skin and the natural color of the hair shows how contrasting the appearance or not.


If the appearance has low contrast (for example, blond hair and skin, blue eyes, or, conversely, dark skin and hair, brown eyes), it is better to use brighter and more contrasting lipstick colors (scarlet, fuchsia, bright coral) in the makeup, so that look more bright.

Those with a contrasting appearance (dark, almost black hair, brown eyes and porcelain skin, or, conversely, fair hair and skin, dark brown eyes) always look brighter even without makeup. Therefore, when choosing a shade of lipstick, you can focus on more calm, non-contrasting tones (soft light red, light burgundy, red-pink).

Choose a lipstick according to the situation

Obviously, going to work in the morning or in the evening in a restaurant, you will choose different tones of lipstick. After all, even one color type comes in different shades.

Day makeup – moisturizing, not too bright

During the day, for example, for work, it is better to choose lipstick balm type or tint balms. Even if in the stick the product looks quite bright, it will not look vulgar on the lips due to its soft texture.

In the afternoon, it is better to opt for shades such as light berry, pink, coral, light tomato.

To make the lips look as natural as possible, refuse to use a lip liner, apply the balm with soft patting movements, you can use your fingers.

Evening make-up – persistent and cream, bright and glossy

In the evening, you can use more dense and creamy textures: lipsticks, gels, gloss. As for the choice of color, you can dwell on any bright, suitable shade for you. Under artificial electric lighting, light tones will look dull.

If you are planning a trip to a restaurant, it is better to choose a persistent remedy.

For evening makeup, both glossy and matte textures are suitable. But remember that applying a matte product is much more difficult. To make the contour smooth and clear, the lips should be smooth, without peeling.

When red lipstick doesn’t suit your look

There are situations when it is better not to paint lips with red lipstick.

Too bright makeup

If you have done a bright eye makeup (with mascara, eyeliner and rich shadows), do not make your lips bright red. Remember the main rule of bright makeup: you need to highlight one thing – either the eyelids or the lips.

Therefore, if you want to apply bright red lipstick, do a light eye makeup (you can restrict yourself to a single layer of mascara) and use blushes of a light neutral shade.

Imperfect skin

Bright contrasting lips attract attention to the face, and therefore to all the features of the skin. If you have imperfect skin with inflammation or traces of post-acne, do not make your lips bright red.

Imperfect teeth

Bright red lipstick also draws attention to the teeth. If the smile line is imperfect, uneven and yellow teeth will stand out strongly against the background of bright lips.

So, if you know the color type of your appearance, you can easily choose 2-3 suitable shades of red lipstick and wear them, alternating depending on the situation.


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