African American women are often represented badly in the beauty industry. There are not usually many black female representatives in makeup advertisement campaigns. In addition, makeup lines often seem to be formulated for women with lighter skin. As a result, African American women suffer without many beauty role models and products. However, there are MAKEUP TIPS FOR AFRICAN WOMEN AND many ways for African American women to use these limited options and create stunning makeup looks anyway.

If you’re an African American woman who is frustrated with trying to apply makeup that seems like it wasn’t designed for your unique skin, keep reading to discover the top seven makeup tips for African American women.


1. Try Black-Owned Beauty Brands

There are many new beauty brands designed by and for African American women. These makeup companies offer a wide range of products that are designed to fit all skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest. Some of the best and most popular makeup companies for African American women include Black Opal Beauty and IMAN Cosmetics.

2. Use Yellow-Based Foundation

It is easy for foundation to look chalky and cakey on extremely dark skin. In order to prevent inadvertently using a shade of foundation that is too light for you and looks unnatural against your skin, make sure that you buy a yellow-based foundation with warm undertones that won’t clash with your deep skin tone.

3. Embrace Metallic Eyeshadow

Due to the deep tone of your skin, some shades of eyeshadow don’t show up nearly as vividly as you hope. This can be a frustrating problem that might dissuade you from applying complex or dramatic eye makeup looks.

Try using eyeshadow products with a shimmery or metallic finish. Stay away from those that are matte. These eyeshadows generally show up more easily against darker skin and appear more vivid.

4. Use Earth Tones

Earth tones are far from the muted, “boring” colors that many people make them out to be. Rather, earth tones encompass a wide range of natural-looking colors. These colors include shades of dark green, warm gray, and a broad variety of brown and golden hues. These colors look amazing against African American skin because they help complement and enhance the deep undertones in your skin.

5. Mix Foundations

It’s a sad truth that many foundation lines from popular makeup brands are simply not designed for African American women. If you like the formula of a foundation but are having a difficult time finding a shade that works for your unique skin tone, try blending two foundation shades together.

Choose a shade of foundation that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Choose another one that is darker. Mix the shades together until you create a hue that matches your skin tone like it should.


6. Use Gold Shimmer

African American women are some of the only women who are lucky enough to be able to pull off gold highlighter successfully. Gold tones look beautiful against deep, African American skin. Grab that golden highlighter and shimmer like the precious gem you are.


7. Wear Dark Lipstick

Dark shades of lipstick look great on African American women. Unfortunately, they can appear gothic and overdone on women with lighter skin. However, they pair nicely against the deep skin tone of African Americans.

Take advantage of your ability to pull off darker shades of lipstick. You can do this by wearing colors like dark red, deep plum, and even shades of navy and black.

Your daily beauty routine shouldn’t have to suffer because of the limited makeup product options for African American women. Use the makeup tips for African American women in this post to learn how to use makeup to enhance the natural beauty of your gorgeous skin.


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