CURLY HAIRSTYLES STEPS …This hairstyle could be considered within the group of  modern hairstyles ,it is simple, but you should also pay close attention to the steps to do it, if you manage to braid as it should not take you many minutes to do this hairstyle.

  • To start you must divide the hair in equal parts, drawing a line in the middle of the head, you will take only the portion of hair that is in the frontal area drawing a boundary behind the head.
  • You will tie the rest of the hair with a tail so that it does not spoil your work.
  • From the center to the sides you will start a common three-strand braid, for that you will start with extremely thin strands to which you will add hair from the bottom, thus braids until you reach the end of the eyebrows and then half strands braids without adding more hair.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • Then you take the hair section of the crown and lift it, so that under it you hide the tips of the braids you just made. Ready !, a simple braid that gives a special touch to your hair.


This is a slightly elaborate hairstyle, but if you stop to read the steps it will be very simple. 

You can use it in the newspaper or for a special occasion,

it consists of a small crown made of braids that will allow you to show off your curls in the back,

it is a bit simple but elegant, at any party it will dazzle!

  • In this hairstyle the central parting of the hair will also be used, but braiding will begin in the area where the straight line ends.
  • Another difference with the previous hairstyle is that in this case you will feed the three-strand braid with hair from both sides, introducing the hair strands below the braid that is being made.
  • You should take the braid to where your eyebrow ends (as in the previous hairstyle), then follow the braid without adding more hair to the ends.
  • In front of the braid you just made you will make another one, but this time you will not feed it with strands, just the braids until the end.
  • Then repeat the procedure on the opposite side, once you have formed the four braids, you will pass them from one side to the other, holding it with a bra.

The result is simply beautiful, you will want to run to a mirror to try it on.


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