Do you like to have a new nail design daily? Here are the best ideas.

Designing the drawing of our nails is currently very fashionable and the most interesting thing about this new trend of nails to which we can find different colors, ranges of shades as well as themes where creativity and the artistic part such as good taste is essential for Modifying the hands that we wear is undoubtedly an accessory point such as a shoe, a purse or a dress that we wear as a hairstyle that we carry out.

That is why I began to look for the best models and new trends for the year 2021 although it was maintained throughout these years and it was modified and imposed the colors and themes that are used for nails to get ideas.

My personal experience is that it brings a great look of fashion and originality to what you wear as a clothing and being able to create an original design on my fingers with the colors I want is what I want to do for a party, an event and also for daily life, although many times something very detailed does not allow me the little time.

But like everything in life, researching I realized that there are different levels of complexity, for that reason, for a party, I will undoubtedly go to a manicure that knows how to perform these types of designs, but the main challenge is to learn and know how to select which colors take to make it look good.


The first thing that a friend who is dedicated to modern nail art with both enamel and different colors and materials recommended me is to always select quality resources since then that influences the final work because if we do not use this type of brand colors and good quality will ruin the design after finishing as well it will last much less time on our nails from the most intense colors to the simplest.

Something important also is to have a very delicate and precise nail brush because although we have a very good pulse, it is very important for straight lines as well as for figure.

Never use the designs on printed matter, they are ugly and they show that they are not of quality.

I like to have beautiful nails but also original like these photos.

The circular silhouettes are also another option that we have to think that each point of the design is a complement to each fingernail, so the design can be individual for each finger as well as combined by the five fingers or the entire hand with his ten fingers, so it is advisable first to prefix the drawing or the idea that we want for our hand, then the colors and finally the elements that we are going to use from appliques to enamels quality.

Always try, even if it costs us more economically, the best quality because that later shows up in our drawing that we select.

Among the different models that we can find, we have to highlight the designs of abstract figures, as well as the designs of geometric figures that can give our hands a great boost depending on the colors we select and use.

A more youthful and adolescent trend is that of fun and more childish cartoon characters, such as the theme of flowers and animals as well as any occurrence of fashion animated figures that we want to add to the selected nail design.














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